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Medical and Surgical

a) Will I need surgery for my condition?

Most of the Orthopedic and trauma cases do not require surgery.

Decision is made individually for each patient.

The great majority of the conditions that I care are treated by medicines, plasters, braces, injections or physiotherapy.

If surgery is needed, I help you decide and schedule the procedure.

Small or intermediate cases that require local anaesthesia or superficial sedation are performed routinely in the clinic.

There is no Anaesthetist in the Centre or elsewhere on Mykonos Island.

Cases requiring general anaesthesia are transferred either to Athens or to the patient's destination to be admitted to Orthopedic hospital.

b) Should I have x-rays or other tests done before I come in?

Generally, you do not need to have any tests done prior to your visit at the Centre.

I will examine you, review your medical history and then if needed I will order the appropriate examinations and tests.

X-rays, blood / urine analysis, ultrasonography and MRI scan, can be performed the same day, on location.

If you already had any results of previous tests, please bring them with you.

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